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How to Study A Path to Learning and Literacy Claire Machosky

The book parents WANT. 

The book students NEED.

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The Complete Guide on How to Study 

I’d like kids and their parents to know that studying is a learned skill.  My book describes the steps to follow to develop a strong and positive approach to learning all information.


The book answers the question, how to study. 

In nine easy-to-read chapters, A PATH TO LEARNING AND LITERACY provides a step-by-step guide to study smart and get results.  Students and parents will learn how to build essential study habits right from the start using research-based methods.

  • get organized

  • establish routines

  • identify and understand assignments

  • design a study plan

  • Explore strategies to retain and apply learning

  • Develop test-taking strategies 

A message from the author

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Study Smart In the News

In new book, retired educator explains how to study smarter step by step

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Top 10 Reasons Parents Need This Book

 1. Easy to read


2.  Offers step-by-step guidance on how to help your children from study routines to post test reflection.

3. Based on proven educational principles and research.

4.  Contains worksheets that help you and your child build understanding.


5. Builds understanding for the unique learning styles of kids and what works. 


6. Stresses the importance of the parent-child relationship.

7. Teaches how to promote active listening with your children.

8. Explains how to discuss grades, homework and report cards.

9.   Contains “A Note to Parents” with additional tips

10. Explains how important parents are to their children’s success in school. 

Top 10 Reasons Students Need This Book

 1. Easy to read


2.  Directs you how to set up a place to study. 

3.  Explains how to get the most out of your study time.

4.   Shows you different ways to study and                      learn. 


5.   Connects classwork and homework. 


6.   Shows practical study guides.

7.     Helps you learn what works.

8.    Explains how to discuss grades, homework and report cards.

9.      Promotes confidence.

10. Makes the most of your study time. StudySmart 

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90-100%        On path to success    
75-89%          Study habits show determination    
60-74%          Study habits show some determination      
59% or less    Study habits need improvement


“Formal schooling provides many opportunities to learn new material.  However, learning habits occur at home.  After reading this book you will immediately have the methods necessary to help your child develop life-long organizational and study strategies.  In addition, these techniques are extremely beneficial for children with special needs and alternate learning styles.”

Heather Cetina, M.Ed.

Private Consultant/Contractor

Elementary Education

Teacher of Visually Impaired

A Path to Learning and Literacy

"It is a must read for students struggling to organize at-home learning or daily homework assignments. A Path to Learning and Literacy is useful for any student whether they are just beginning a homework routine or attending college-level classes.

Jenny Mischel, PhD, Educational Psychology

Visiting Assistant Professor

Emory University

So many undergraduates have the talent and ability but lack the proper studying skills to succeed in engineering courses.  A PATH TO LEARNING AND LITERACY provides parents and students with the necessary directions to build a solid foundation of good study skills early in their academic career. These same study skills will be very beneficial and key to a successful and rewarding university education.”

Lynn Albers

North Carolina State University

National Science Foundation

GK-12 Outreach Program Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. Student,

 “Finally, there is a tool for parents to guide their children to ‘be on target’ with all school assignments.  This book shows your child how to assume responsibility and find the path to achieving goals. Parents will find it advantageous in reducing stress while attaining success.”


Virginia Nolan


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