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Tips for parents

A New Quarter... A fresh Start

Back to School

A new quarter  holds a fresh start and promise of tomorrow.  In most cases students and teachers are back in classrooms yet elements of virtual learning still remain. Canvas pages and online resources are still present across many classrooms. Navigating in the classroom and completing coursework online requires time management and study smart skills to keep achievement on track.       

Today is the time to plan a well-managed and successful quarter

Here are some suggestions to get you started with planning and time management. 


Answer the following questions:

  • When will I study? - establish a realistic work schedule

  • Do I have a comfortable work area?

  • When will I be doing my homework?

  • What supplies do I need?

  • Do I have an Agenda Book or Assignment Pad?

Talking about School:
Getting the conversation started

Family Fun
Listen to what your child has to say about their own learning.  Choose a conversations starter and get the conversation going. Daily conversations build connections and understanding.  

Reflecting: last school year

Online learning last year was ___ for me because...

If I could have done something different this year, it would have been…

I think more things will be possible now because...

It was a trying year for me but I learned....