Building Confidence - Essential Learning Tools

“When parents are working with their children, they should discuss with them where and when they would like to work. It is important that children feel ownership in making the decisions about doing schoolwork.”


Teachers are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to help their students succeed. In the classroom they utilize a variety of techniques and learning tools to deliver information and stimulate learning. Teachers are working even harder today with virtual classrooms and online learning. Equally important are the experiences that take place in the home. The first chapter of my book discusses the importance of establishing a learning environment at home. It is essential that schoolwork, studying, and personal responsibility for assignments be valued in the home. The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions from Chapter 1 of A PATH TO LEARNING AND LITERACY that you should review and discuss.

How do I learn to make decisions?

You learn to make decisions by assuming responsibilities. You can participate in decision making with your parents and show how you can handle more and more responsibility.

What is the best location for doing schoolwork?

A workable location will be different for different people. The most important criteria is selecting a location that enables you to focus on the task at hand.

How much time should I spend doing homework?

This will depend on the length and demands of your assignment(s). It will also vary according to your own pacing. Time spent on doing homework is very individual.

Why do I need an assignment pad or agenda book?

It is easier to keep track of your required assignments and when they are due when you write them down. The assignment pad is a student’s daily planner. It will help you develop strong organizational skills.

How do I get ready to work effectively?

Know where and when you’ll work and identify what materials and supplies you will need to do your homework. Have your supplies readily available. Check your assignment pad and determine which texts, websites, and other resources you will need before getting to work.

The New Year is beckoning and so is a new semester. It is the opportune time to put into practice the points made in my earlier article on the report card - REVIEW your progress to date, REFLECT and identify the areas you need and want to improve and RENEW your commitment to school by assembling all the tools from your assignment pad to a website resource so your valuable time is used efficiently. This strategy will BUILD CONFIDENCE: Confidence in your own ability, confidence in knowing how to get organized and confidence in moving forward.

Using your time wisely and knowing what tools you need in studying are an important steps in Learning “How to Study”.

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