INVENTORY OF SUCCESSES: Evaluating Your School Year

“Take the time to reflect and take inventory of the progress you have made… Recognize the positive in what you have accomplished. Success is measured by the steps you take toward achieving your goals.”


School’s out – summer vacation! But wait! Before you start enjoying the carefree days of summer it is important to take inventory of what you’ve learned – especially this year, the year that was, and continues to be like no other. You have heard the saying that nothing teaches like experience and that is exactly why it is important to take the time to evaluate your accomplishments, your challenges, your searches for solutions, your resolutions, and your disappointments. Each of these offers a window into next year’s successes.

Let us start with Two Stars and a Wish! Which event, project or test gave you the most satisfaction this year? Now think about how you felt and realize that experience holds key information about how you study and learn. That is a star in your inventory! Now recall your biggest challenge this year. It could have been adjusting to virtual learning or possibly having to wear a mask, if you were attending school. How did you handle it? Did you express your concerns? What steps did you take to find a solution to the challenge? When you resolved the situation to your satisfaction, did you feel some empowerment over conquering your challenge? That is another Star!

Everyone feels they can do better – that is why we have wishes. Take the time to think about what you would have done differently this year. Maybe it would be turning on the ZOOM screen when attending class. You realize now that you would have paid more attention to your lessons and been more involved in learning. Well, that is what learning is all about! Learning from our mistakes! Mistakes lead to corrections, and corrections lead to success! That is why it is so important for you to take inventory of your successes, and discover how to turn your wishes to stars.

Here is a chart from A PATH TO LEARNING AND LITERACY to help you do a more complete inventory of The Year Like No Other.

The rating scale is as follows: 4 = Outstanding Effort, 3= Good Effort, 2= Satisfactory Effort, 1= Needs Effort.

Doing my own inventory of this past year makes me realize the pandemic motivated me to publish a second edition of my book and write these articles and advertise in Bull Run Mountain Neighbors to share my insights about how to study with students and parents. In June I will be offering a workshop at the Educator’s Rising National Convention for future teachers. I will be at Fair Oaks Mall during Back-to-School Weekends between August 6th and September 6th. I will be personally marketing my book and spreading the word on how to study more efficiently and effectively. Those are my Stars, and my Wish is that you find these articles helpful and informative. Take pride in all you do, acknowledge your accomplishments, and most importantly enjoy your summer. Speaking as a teacher, vacations always go much too fast.

By Claire Johnson Machosky


Parent and Educator dedicated to helping all children learn to study and succeed.


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