TIME MANAGEMENT: Understanding the Process

“To develop time management strategies, you need to determine the amount of time

needed to complete a task or assignment, and then add 10% more time.”

A Path to Learning and Literacy, p. 38

SUMMER REFLECTIONS: Past, Present, and Future.

Whatever you choose to call this past year, it is one for the history books; one that has changed our lives and will continue to impact our future. For me, this year of virtual socializing culminated with the online Educators Rising conference. This is a program for high schoolers interested in becoming teachers; Phi Delta Kappa, an international organization for teaching professionals, sponsors Educators Rising. I accepted the challenge and had the opportunity to serve as a virtual judge and presenter at the conference. Learning new technical skills, I was enlightened after interviewing sixteen high school students from around the nation who are interested in administrative careers in education. These student shadowed an administrator for eight or more hours, interviewed him/her, produced a video, and finally appeared for a personal interview before a panel of judges. The students were poised, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their future and ours. I was impressed! Listening to the candidates assess their experience I heard repeatedly the need for better Time Management. So, from their insights I found my topic for this month.

Time management is all about planning! For some people it means making a list; while for others it means putting an event on the calendar or in their phone. Is that really time management? Let’s reflect on that! Did you plan a summer get-away or maybe a picnic? Think of all the steps it took to make it happen. Details, details, details! All that time and attention was part of your time management! Here’s a few items to help you analyze the process - setting a date, extending invites, identifying needs, organizing materials, setting things in motion, enjoying the event(s), and of course, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

Now, take that time-management process and explain it to your children and help them plan and apply those same principles to back-to-school preparations. School will be opening soon, and kids need to understand how to manage their time and find that sense of accomplishment. Gallup Polls have indicated that the atmosphere at home is the most important factor in student success. Parents: focus on giving your children the organizational and planning skills that will guide and direct them this school year. Shopping for school supplies – that’s the easy part. Creating the atmosphere for successful studying is the challenge. Strike up a conversation and jointly discuss – where to study, best time to do homework, internet access, computer tune-up, study resources, schedules, other commitments and activities. These topics must be explored, scheduled, and be part of your child’s time management: first for starting school, and then following a daily and weekly routine to keep current with the academic demands of studying. Listen to your children! Help them take ownership of their schedules and their schoolwork! Remind them of the importance of always keeping up with their schoolwork.

This coming school year holds the promise of tomorrow. In most cases students and teachers will be back in classrooms for interactive learning, yet virtual learning offered certain insights and changes in teaching and learning styles. Be prepared for the process of transitioning back to the classroom to present certain nuances. It will be an exciting year!

Today is the time to plan a well-managed and successful year!

Here are some suggestions to get you started with planning and time management.

Answer the following questions:

· Did I establish a realistic work schedule?

· Do I have a comfortable work area?

· When will I be doing my homework?

· What supplies do I need?

· Do I have an Agenda Book or Assignment Pad?

Just as I used this column for reflecting, enjoy using the remainder of your vacation time to reflect on good memories and plan for success. A reminder that I will be at Fair Oaks Mall on the lower-level Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between August 6th and September 6th to talk about “How to Study” and to offer my book, A Path to Learning and Literacy, and additional Study Smart materials for sale. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at the mall.

By Claire Johnson Machosky BA, MS, SAS

Parent and Educator dedicated to helping all children learn to study and succeed.


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